3 Potential Hidden Costs Of A Deck Installation

If you are considering having a deck built and attached to your home, there's no doubt you're looking at the costs of installation. However, there may be additional costs that go above and beyond the installation of the deck itself. It's important to understand what these additional costs are so you can plan accordingly when choosing decking materials as well as the size of your deck. Here are a few additional costs to consider before finalizing your deck installation plans. 

Building Permit & Inspection Fees 

In most areas, installing a deck requires a building permit. Part of that process typically involves an inspection during and after the installation, depending on local and state laws and regulations. The contractor you hire to install your deck will likely coordinate these processes and apply for the permit on your behalf. However, this again depends on local and state laws and regulations. You can call your local building code authority for more information. 

Homeowner's Insurance Increase

With a deck attached to your house, it will then be considered part of the structure of your house. As such, an out of control fire on your deck could easily cause your house to catch on fire as well. Because of this and other accidental possibilities, you will need to call your homeowner's insurance company and inform them of the deck installation. They'll want to know the specifics, such as costs, height from the ground, materials used, railing type, and how the deck structure is supported. Depending on what you pay to install your deck, you could see an increase in your homeowner's insurance premiums. 

Property Tax Increase 

As part of the regulatory process in most counties, your building permit and inspection information will get forwarded to the county tax assessment office. However, you want to make sure the tax assessment office is informed if the information does not get forwarded from the building code authority. Counties have different mandates and regulations regarding when property taxes should be assessed due to home improvement projects such as deck installations. How much a property value increases with a deck installation will depend on the materials used and size, as well as climate and housing market in your area. 

In conclusion, ask your deck installation contractor if there are typically other unseen costs to be aware of in your area. That way, you can select the deck that is right for you and your wallet. For more information regarding deck installation, contact companies like Rainier Fencing & Decking.

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