How Can You Save Money On A Chain Link Fence?

For a really long time, chain link fencing has been preferred among residential property owners. Whether it is to create a safe haven for their children to play, a nice enclosure for the family pet, or just to keep the area protected from outsiders, these fences really do prove to be valuable. However, chain link fencing can be a little more costly than something like vinyl or wooden fencing, especially if you have a rather large area that needs to be enclosed. How can you save money and still get the fence that you want? Here is a look at a few good ideas to keep the cost of your residential chain link fence as low as possible. 

Opt for fencing without vinyl coating or other extras. 

You can find chain link fencing with all kinds of nice features these days. For example, you can get fencing that has been coated with a layer of vinyl or plastic, so it is a different color, or you can get fencing that has vinyl slats between the links for privacy. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, it is always best if you skip these extras, as they will drive up the end cost. Some extras can be added later, such as the aforementioned vinyl slats. 

Skip the gate for the chain link fence. 

It is definitely nice if there is a section of the fence that can be opened and closed, but this may be a feature you can forgo for the time being if you are trying to save money on the overall cost of the fence. Gates are a little more expensive than regular fencing panels, and they can always be worked in later on when you have a bit of extra money to allocate to your fence. 

Do what you can to prepare the space before installation. 

The less time it takes for the installer to get your fence in place, the less the project will cost you. Professional installation is definitely not something you want to skip with a chain link fence, but it is something that you can help with. For instance, if you do what you can to prepare the perimeter where the fence will be installed before the professionals actually come to your property, this alone can probably make a difference in the price. Some property owners can work with the installation company to find other ways they can save on installation costs. 

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