What You Need To Know About Welded Wire Fences

Are you looking for an attractive fencing option that is also cost-effective and secure? Then look no further than the welded wire fence. These fences perform in much the same manner as chain-link fencing, but many people find them much more attractive. As a bonus, they are also just as low maintenance as a chain-link fence.

What Is a Welded Wire Fence?

Sometimes called a mesh fence, a welded wire fence is made of steel wires that are welded together. The wires are stronger than chain-link fence wires, thus more difficult to cut through. The welding method also means that the weave is more grid-like, which many people find more aesthetically pleasing. Further, welded wire fences can be combined with a variety of post types. They are very attractive when combined with a cedar frame, for example, or you can use steel posts in a variety of shapes, such as square, to give them a more formal appearance.

Where Can You Install Welded Wire Fencing?

Welded wire fences are suitable in areas where you need a closed boundary or security but aren't concerned about privacy. They are often used around gardens or other areas where you need to keep children and pets in and intruders, such as feeding deer or potential thieves, out. Plenty of light and air still circulates through the fence, so your yard won't feel small or closed in.

What Decorative Options Are Available?

Although a welded wire fence can be strictly utilitarian, there is no need for it to be so. Welded wire is sometimes left plain, but in a residential setting having it powder coated in the color of your choice is a good idea. Black welded wire when combined with wood posts stained to let the natural color show is very attractive. Wood posts painted to complement your home's siding or trim can also be attractive. You can also combine it with black powder-coated metal posts, complete with decorative finials, to give the fence a more modern spin on the wrought iron fencing look.

How Are Wire Fences Installed?

Installation for a wire fence is similar to any fence. First, the posts are installed, then the rails or top and bottom crossbars are added. Metal posts and rails may arrive in panels. The wire fencing is then stretched tautly around the post and rail frame. On wood frames, nails or staples are used to hold it in place, whereas the wire may be welded or wired to metal frames.

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