Four Automatic Gate Maintenance Tips

Your property fence is only as strong as its automatic gate. If your gate fails, you will either be trapped outside of your property or the gate will be left open to intruders. Fortunately, with some basic gate maintenance, you can ensure that your gate remains fully functioning at all times.

1. Manage the Surrounding Landscaping

Landscaping is often the hardest thing on gate operating components. Plants can grow into the gate and block the track or become entangled in the opening mechanism. Debris from plants, like fallen leaves and branches, can also pose an issue if it blocks the tracks. Keep landscaping around the gate trimmed back. Further, inspect the gate regularly, perhaps once a week, and brush out any debris that could inhibit the gate's operation.

2. Lubricate on a Regular Schedule

No matter the style, every gate is made up of moving parts. These parts could be as simple as a hinge and motor or as complicated as a full-sliding mechanism complete with chain drives and motors. These moving parts must be lubricated on a regular basis or they will seize up. If your gate is making squeaks or squeals, it is past time to have the moving parts lubricated. For most gates, lubrication is necessary about every six months.

3. Check the Chains or Belts

The chain or belt that opens and closes your gate will not last forever. It's a good idea to inspect these each time you lubricate the gate. If a belt looks worn, frayed, or stretched out, it is time to replace it. Chains should not have any kinks or signs of rust and corrosion. Although belts need to be replaced as they age and become damaged, chains can sometimes be repaired. Bring in a gate repair company to assess the damage and make repair recommendations as needed.

4. Schedule Regular Inspections

The electrical components and gate motor will need periodic servicing and maintenance. It's a good idea to schedule this once per year. A service tech can lubricate the hard-to-access parts of your motor system, as well as make sure the electrical wiring and control boards are in good condition and do not require any repairs or replacement. This is important since these items are outdoors where they can become damaged by exposure and weathering.

Contact a gate repair service for more help with maintaining and repairing your fence's automatic gate system.

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