Five Design Options For A New Wooden Fence

Whether you are installing a wood fence for security, privacy, or improved curb appeal, there is a style that will fit your needs while looking good. The following are five of the most common types of wood fences available. You can further personalize the style with color, picket styles, and post finials.

1. Privacy

A privacy fence is likely the type of wood fence you are most familiar with. These fences consist of posts with two to three rails strung between them. The pickets are fitted tightly together to form solid panels that cannot be seen through. These fences are difficult to climb so provide additional security, particularly if the smooth side of the fence is facing outward so that the rails can't be used as a ladder.

2. Picket

The picket fence is typically a low fence that is used primarily in front or side yards where privacy is less of a concern. These fences are used for their appearance or to provide a clear demarcation of property lines. A picket fence may also be useful in corralling small pets and children. You can also find tall picket fences, which can better help contain children and pets while still giving the impression of an open yard.

3. Shadowbox

A shadowbox fence is what happens when you combine open pickets with privacy panels. These fences are built just like a privacy fence, but every other picket is installed on the outside of the rails. You still have maximum privacy, but air can flow better through the offset pickets. This can make a small yard feel less stuffy. Further, a shadowbox fence is less likely to blow down during high winds.

4. Split Rail

Split rail fences are used in much the same manner as picket fences. A split rail fence consists of posts with two to three thick rails, depending on the fence height, strung between the posts. These fences were traditionally used for fencing in large animals, such as a cow pasture, but they are sometimes used as a decorative fence around urban and suburban front and side yards.

5. Lattice Detail

A lattice detail fence starts as a privacy or shadowbox style fence. Then, an extra panel is added to the top that contains a decorative lattice detail. Lattice detail fences are a great way to add height to a tall fence without making it appear ungainly or imposing.

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