Four Things To Consider When Choosing Day Care Fencing

When designing the play yard for your day care business, don't skimp on the fence. Choosing the right fence is integral to ensuring the safety and security of the children left in your business's care.

1. Privacy

There are two main reasons to choose a privacy fence for your daycare. One is to protect the children from passers-by that may not have the best intention, and the other is to reduce the children's temptation to climb the fence. Vinyl and wood provide the best privacy. If you prefer chain link, perhaps for its low cost and durability, you can have fabric panels installed over the fence to provide privacy. Wrought iron and aluminum iron-look fences provide the least amount of privacy.

2. Anti-Climb Options

You don't want children, particularly some of the older children, to attempt to climb over the fence. This can result in injury or a lost child. Opt for fencing that is hard to climb. Vinyl fencing is the best option if climbing is a concern. It has a smooth face, on both sides, so no one can easily climb in or out. Wood fencing also works, but keep in mind there are supports on one side, so only one side is climb resistant. Avoid anti-climb options that could injure a child, though, such as spikes or sharp finials.

3. Maintenance

Chances are that you won't want to spend a lot of time on fence maintenance. Vinyl, aluminum, and chain link are probably the best options for low maintenance fencing, as these will require nothing more than a periodic rinsing with a hose to remove dust and dirt. Wrought iron isn't a good low-maintenance option since it will require periodic sanding and repainting to remove rust and prevent oxidation. Wood also requires staining or painting every few years, or it will begin to rot. An improperly maintained wood fence can also pose a splinter hazard to young children.

4. Safety

Finally, never overlook safety when it comes to a fence. If you do opt for open pickets in the fence, make sure they are spaced close enough together so that even a young child will be unable to get their head through. The fence must also reach all the way to the ground so that a child can squeeze underneath it. Finally, make sure the fence is tall enough so that older children can't easily pull themselves over the top of the fence.

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