Three Reasons Why A Fence Is Better Than A Hedge

If you're looking for a way to mark the perimeter of your yard while also providing your family with a little privacy, two options might come to mind. One option is a hedge, while the other choice is a fence. There are benefits to proceeding with either idea. However, when it comes to choosing something that will go around your yard, a fence is often a better decision. Talk to a local fencing contractor to discuss what styles of fencing can work well in your yard. Here are some reasons why a fence can be better than a hedge.

A Fence Doesn't Require Constant Maintenance

While there's no denying that a hedge can add a degree of natural beauty to your yard, one thing that you might not like about it is that it requires constant maintenance. You'll need to water it regularly, trim it to prevent it from looking overgrown, and perhaps even cover it in the winter to protect it. These are things that you won't have to worry about with a fence. While certain types of fences require varying degrees of maintenance — for example, you'll need to repaint a wooden fence at various times throughout its life — the time and effort commitment would be far less than a hedge.

A Fence Provides Privacy Year-Round

People use deciduous and evergreen hedges around their yards. Both types can look good in the summer, but deciduous plants lose their foliage in the fall — meaning that this type of hedge won't provide privacy for the entirety of the winter. It won't be until the leaves grow again the following spring that your hedge provides the degree of privacy that you want. If you choose a fence design that offers privacy — a wooden fence, for example — you'll appreciate that it will provide privacy 12 months a year.

A Fence Doesn't Attract Pests

Another thing that can be an issue about hedges is that they frequently attract pests. For example, you might eventually notice that there's a wasp nest inside of the hedge — perhaps only after you or a family member has received a sting. To deal with this situation, you'd likely need to hire a pest control professional. There are other pests that can call a hedge home, too. For example, squirrels or birds might frequently dwell in it. Even if you don't consider birds to be traditional pests, you might not want them in the hedge because of the noise that they make. Conversely, a fence will not generally attract such pests.

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