Three Types Of Snow Fences To Consider For The Winter

If you live in an area that experiences harsh winters and you're concerned about blowing snow on your property, one option to consider is snow fencing. Many fencing companies that install fences for customers in the spring, summer, and fall shift their attention to snow fences during the winter months — which means that you can contact a local fencing company to discuss your need for this type of structure. Your fencing professional can even assess your property and suggest some areas that can benefit from snow fences. He or she can also introduce you to different types of snow fences, including the following.

Wooden Slats

One common type of snow fence that many people use consists of a series of vertical wooden slat with several rows of wire running horizontally across them. Wooden slat snow fencing is desirable because it has a natural appearance; if you like the look of wood and believe that it would complement the overall look of your property, this might be the right type of snow fence for you. Wooden slat snow fencing comes in long rolls, and your contractor can install it fairly quickly in the agreed-upon location. You'll sometimes have the ability to choose one particular color of wood over another, so talk to your contractor about what options are available.

Plastic Mesh

Plastic mesh snow fences are also common for people who wish to prevent blowing snow. This type of fencing often has bright colors — fluorescent orange is common, for example. The major advantage of these colors is that they're highly visible from afar. This means that if you have people who ride snowmobiles around your property, you might favor a plastic mesh fence because it will be bright and visible enough to ensure that people stay away from it. Your fencing contractor will install a series of metal posts in the ground and affix the plastic fence to these posts.

Screen Over Chain Link

If you have a chain-link fence in a certain area of your property — around your swimming pool, for example — your fencing professional might simply recommend installing privacy screens over the fence. This idea can make more sense than erecting another type of snow fence in the same area. Privacy screens are quick and easy to install on chain link fences and can be effective for catching the snow to prevent it from blowing through the fence. Contact a local fencing company to learn more about snow fences and the many benefits that they can provide.

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