You've Decided It's Vinyl Fence: So What Type? Find Out

Every homeowner wants their landscaping to be something their neighborhood admires. One of the best ways to complete the overall landscaping is installing a superior quality fence around your home. Vinyl is a popular choice because it allows style-conscious people to have a secure fence around their home while still keeping things stylish. Vinyl is also durable and low-maintenance, which makes it more attractive. There are several types of vinyl fences on the market. Here are some of the types available on the market and their benefits. 

Vinyl Privacy Fences

One of the reasons you install a fence is to prevent outsiders from gaining unlimited access to things happening inside your home. You can make this happen by installing a vinyl privacy fence. The private one has wide slats or panels that you join together closely. By joining them closely, you will be eliminating any gaps that people might use to peek into your home. The fence is also considerably taller than other vinyl fence options and has decorative style options, making it perfect for style and privacy.

Semi-Private Vinyl Fence

The semi-private vinyl fence is a little different from a private fence. It is the halfway point between allowing you to have some privacy and also allowing some light and air into your yard. The designers build the fence with alternating boards between the front and the back of the fence. That way, the gaps between the slats do not line up. Therefore, the light gets through, but you cannot see what is happening on the other side.

Picket Vinyl Fence

Picket is a popular choice in suburban areas. The fence is more decorative than it is functional. You can use it to mark the boundary to your property and also beautify it a little. It does not have to be very tall, and you can space the poles a little wider apart than with the other options. 

Lattice Vinyl Fence

The lattice fence is another option that is common for decorative purposes. The lattice has a smooth surface and is effective in repelling insects. Vinyl lattice is more durable than regular plastic lattice because it does not suffer expansion and contraction. The fence can be attractive when paired with beautiful landscaping.

These are a few of the choices available when you need a vinyl fence around your property. Get your fencing material from a competent and reliable contractor. Also, get a renowned installation contractor to handle the installation for you and give you the best results.

Reach out to a vinyl fence installation service for more information.  

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