Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Wooden Fence

Wood remains to be the preferred fence material for most homeowners. It has great properties that people wouldn't want to forego. However, you need to be a bit proactive in terms of maintenance. Neglecting your wooden fence will cause it to disintegrate quickly, and you might have to replace it ahead of time. Thankfully, you can extend the lifespan of your timber fence by heeding the advice provided below.

Inspect the Fence 

Regular inspections are a great way to increase the life of your wooden fence. Remember that your wooden fence is vulnerable to pest damage and rotting. That said, you must inspect your wooden perimeter fence a few times a year. During the inspections, check for wear on the boards, pests, and signs of rot. At least ensure that the wooden fence is in excellent condition. 

Termite Prevention

Termites love timber as they depend on it for food. That said, your wooden fence might attract termites. And as you know, these insects can wreak havoc on the entire fence. Therefore, you must apply termite prevention tips to protect your wooden fence. You can use treated pine timber as the fence material. Alternatively, you can use bait traps just in case the termites decide to attack your wooden boards and fence posts.

Clean the Fence

Just like other fences, timber fences also need to be cleaned. The only thing that differs is the frequency of cleaning. Unlike other fencing materials, you can clean your wooden fence after a few years. Cleaning helps get rid of dirt, grime build-up, and mildew stains. You can use a high-pressure washer to dislodge dirt and stains when cleaning the fence.

Reseal or Repaint the Fence

Painted wood should last longer than bare wood. And as much as you are using treated timber to build your fence, you can add a bit of protection by painting it. Keep in mind that the paint won't last forever. You'll need to repaint or reseal the entire fence after you wash it. The paint and sealing will protect the fence from the elements. 

Take Repairs and Maintenance Seriously

Your wooden fence will obviously need repairs from time to time. That said, it's up to you to ensure that the repairs are done promptly. Call your local wood fence service to do repairs if you notice missing boards or other problems. These companies can also help you maintain your wooden fence at a small fee. 

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