5 Things To Think About When Getting A New Fence

Have you decided that it is time to fence off your yard and you are feeling a little overwhelmed? It will help to think about the following things before you make any final decisions on your new fence.

What Is The Purpose Of The Fence?

Start by thinking about what sort of purpose the fence will serve for your home. Is the idea to add more privacy or to prevent pets from getting out? Do you want the fence to be decorative, or be more of a security measure? Knowing why you want the fence can help guide future decisions that you need to make.

What Material Should The Fence Be? 

With the purpose in mind, you can start narrowing down what material you want. Materials like wood and vinyl work great for adding privacy, because they are made out of solid materials that are difficult to see through. Chain link is a great way if you just want to fence in a yard to keep pets contained. A cast iron fence is a great idea if you are looking for something that is purely decorative and marks where your property begins and ends.

What Kind Of Maintenance Are You Willing To Do? 

Sometimes the amount of maintenance you want to do will guide the fence material selection. Materials like vinyl or chain link require very little maintenance over the years since all you need to do is clean them. Wood material requires regular sanding and staining, which may be more than you're willing to handle. 

What Climate Do You Live In?

It's also worth thinking about where you live and what kind of weather you regularly see. This is because some fences are not going to hold up as well to high winds and humid climates, or you want a fence that is going to be more durable to impact damage. When you consider the climate it means you can potentially save yourself a lot of money down the road in terms of maintenance and repairs. 

Where Is The Property Line?

You'll need to get a land survey completed to determine exactly where the fence can be installed. This is a crucial step to have done, and often a requirement when using a professional fencing contractor. You do not want to run into a situation where you accidentally install a fence partially on a neighbor's property because you may end up having to pay to move it onto your property later.

For more information, contact a fence company near you.

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